Individualized and balanced diet for sport dogs and kennels

Optimization of Sport dog’s diet


– Contains the check of the current diet of the dog or kennel
– Updating and balancing the diet and feeding methods


Necessary information for the plan


– contact information of the owner (address and email)
– dog’s name, birth date, breed, body weight and body condition
or in kennel case
– breed, average weight of males and females separately, number of dogs
– sport goals, some training history, intensity of training
– exact amount (in grams) of feeds used for the dog or kennel’s dogs
– name of feeds and manufacture (www-links would be nice)
– nutrition content of the feeds (dry matter, protein, fat, ash, fiber, minerals and vitamins) or link to the www-page of the product


Updating and balancing the diet plan is interactive and I will ask more detailed information through (Facebook) chat when I’ll start working.

I am on sports vacation until next spring. I don’t take new assignments at a moment.


Professional services
I have the university degree on animal nutrition and the education of the research scientist. I teach dog nutrition at the colleges and the University of Helsinki. In additions to that I have 20 years experience on sled dog racing and feeding the most demanding animals of the dog world.

My main work is in Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) as research scientist and Koirakonttori – Dog office is my secondary job, which relates to my passion for sled dog sports. Due to above reasons, be aware that I may be busy at my main work or sled dog racing. This means that I do diet plans when (and if) I have free time.

Foto: xxx xxx . WC 2015 in Todtmoos, Germany

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